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Access to Temple Tech Resources After You Graduate

Graduating? Congratulations! In the chart below, learn what happens to your AccessNet account, files and resources once you graduate.

How to Keep Your AccessNet Account Open

As an alum, all of the resources in the table below depend on your AccessNet account remaining open. For your account to remain open, you must periodically change your password, as requested in the email reminders you receive from Information Technology Services. As long as you change your password, you will continue to be able to log in. To change your password at any time, go to


If you have any questions about the chart below, please contact the Help Desk by submitting a TUhelp request or by calling 215-204-8000.

Options for Keeping Your Files

Resource How Long Will Access Remain Available? Options for Keeping Access/Files

TUportal /TUmail

  • As long as your AccessNet account remains open
Google Apps (includes Google Drive)
  • As long as your AccessNet account remains open
  • One year after graduating, with continued access through, if you follow the instructions in the next column 
  • To hold on your OWLbox files after you graduate, make sure to keep your AccessNet account open. You will have access to the OWLbox site for a year. One year after your graduation, your OWLbox account and files will be automatically migrated to a personal account. When the migration takes place, will send email your address with a request to change your password. Change your password and follow the instructions to keep your account. For details, see the OWLbox page.
  • Download your files to your computer.
Office 365 & OneDrive
  • One year after graduating
Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Shortly after graduation, but you can extend your subscription for a nominal fee up to one year ending with the anniversary of your graduation date.
LinkedIn Learning
  • Approximately 30 days after graduating
  • If you completed any course certificates, make sure to print them before your access expires.


  • 90 days after graduating
  • Download files. For PCs, download and install Bitvise SSH. For Macs, see the instructions for Fetch. If you have any questions before then, please contact the Help Desk at 215-204-8000.
  • 90 days after graduating
  • Make sure to keep copies of files you uploaded to your courses.
  • 90 days after graduating
  • As long as your AccessNet account remains open
OWLtech store
  • Temple alumni are eligible for educational discounts on certain products