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Adobe Site Licensed Software

Temple University currently participates in two Adobe Programs, the Adobe Cumulative License Program (CLP) and the Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA).


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The CLP program enables Temple to acquire Adobe products at a very significant discount from retail price. This program covers all Adobe software with the exception of the applications included in the Adobe Enterprise Agreement. The current program term is September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2017.

The Adobe Enterprise Agreement allows Temple University to distribute the Adobe Creative Cloud Applications to students, faculty and staff. The current license term is August 16, 2017 to August 15, 2020.


Current pricing for our Adobe CLP Licenses can be found in the SHI Punch-out located on the main page of TUmarketplace.


How to Order

Adobe perpetual licenses must be purchased through the SHI Punch-out in TUmarketplace.

To speed up order fulfillment, it is best to do the following:

  • For the any license that has a multi platform part number, it is necessary to inform Purchasing of which platform will be used - this can be accomplished by adding an internal note on the Purchase Requisition.
  • If an installation disc is required, add an internal note to the Purchase Requisition to indicate this.
  • Software Site License Agreements - Software Site License Agreements are still necessary when purchasing licenses via TUmarketplace. The agreement can be found in the Employee Forms section of TUportal under Computer Business Services.
  • If a Master Adobe Software Site License Agreement is on file prior to submitting your request(s), please note the name of the end user in the internal note section of the Purchase Requisition. 
  • If you are ordering on behalf of another Temple University associate, please provide their contact information and also note if their agreement is on file.
  • If an agreement is not on file, print out the appropriate Master Software Site License Agreement and either attach it in the internal notes section of your Purchase Requisition or email it to
  • Failure to submit the agreements will delay the complete processing of your order, including the distribution of your license keys and installation discs.

If any of the information above is omitted from the Purchase Requisition, Purchasing will send an email to the end user requesting it, which will delay order fulfillment.

If you are interested in obtaining Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, please visit

Installation Discs

Single License installation discs can be obtained through Purchasing  for $2.00 per disc.

Instructions for obtaining the software will be communicated to end users once the license order is placed if there is no indication of media listed on the request.

Concurrent Licenses

Please Note: Adobe no longer offers concurrent licensing.

Upgrade Plans

Adobe offers Upgrade Plans for several of their software licenses.  By purchasing an upgrade plan, you can ensure that you will receive any upgrades to your purchased software at no additional charge during Temple University's contract term.  

Upgrade Plans must be purchased at the same time as a license purchase.  They cannot be added on after an order has been placed with Software House International. 

Work At Home Use

The terms of our CLP program allow for a second copy of the software to be installed on either a portable device (laptop) or a computer located at home, provided that the secondary computer and primary (work) computer are not in use at the same time and that the software is used for Temple related work purposes only.

Installation discs for work at home use should be obtained from your department and returned upon completion of the home install. When employment with Temple University is terminated, the work at home software must be uninstalled and returned or destroyed.

Adobe Creative Cloud licenses obtained via the Adobe Enterprise Agreement allow for two installations of the software.