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Application Development

Information Technology Services develops applications and implements systems for departments.


Information Technology Services develops applications and implements systems that address institutional information technology needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. These solutions help Temple students, faculty, and staff effectively achieve their academic and business goals.

Process Description

  • Information Technology Services evaluates project requests based on institutional priorities, cost, resource availability, and existing technologies available. Consequently, not all project requests are approved.
  • Information Technology Services collaborates with different employee populations through an established set of Collaboration Center workgroups. In many cases, Information Technology Services will recommend commercial products, third party vendors and/or enhancements to existing systems instead of application development.
  • The duration of approved application development projects will vary from one unique project to another. Time and effort will be negotiated between the requester and the Information Technology Services Project Manager for each unique project.
  • The Office of Information Security must review and approve all application development projects prior to launch. Application features that deliberately violate ADA standards or Information Technology Services policies will not be implemented.
  • Application launches and updates are subject to production control procedures and may require approval from the Change Advisory Board.
  • The Information Technology Services Project Manager assigned to your project will discuss these items with you before beginning any work.

Requesting Instructions

To request this service, use the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page. Upon approval, a Information Technology Services Project Manager will contact you and will communicate with you throughout the project.


Any Temple faculty or staff member can request this service. As the requester of this service, you are expected to:

  • correspond and meet with Information Technology Services throughout the duration of the project,
  • represent the needs and requirements of the application's users, and be responsible for all present and future communication with those users, and
  • participate in the testing of the application, and confirm that it meets mutually agreed upon requirements.

After project completion, you are expected to exercise continued stewardship over the application.


At this time, Information Technology Services consulting and development costs are not passed on to academic or business units. Information Technology Services assumes these costs. Other costs, such as hardware purchases, software purchases, or development services from outside the University, are determined on a per-project basis. These other costs are passed on to the requester's department. 


To submit questions about this service or report problems, use the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page.