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Astro Linux Server

The Astro Linux System to be retired on August 12. Download your files before this date if you want to keep them...

Astro to be Retired on Aug. 12, 2020

Due to changing technologies and dwindling usage, Temple's Astro central Linux system ( will be retired from service on Wednesday, August 12. Effective on this date, you will no longer be able to log in to the system. In addition, any websites/files you have stored on Astro will be deleted.

If you have files you would like to keep, make sure to download them to your local computer before Wednesday, August 12.

Downloading Your Files
To download your files, ITS recommends using Fetch (MacOS) or Bitvise SSH (Windows). See instructions below.

Option for Recreating Your Website
Once you download your files, you have the option to recreate a website on Temple's WordPress Server ( See the Sites Ultimate Starting Guide to learn more.

Still Using Alpine?
That's impressive! But you should plan to switch over to using the website.

Questions or Concerns?
Please contact the Help Desk through the website or call 215-204-8000.


The Astro server provides a Linux environment for performing programming assignments and hosting personal web pages. The server provides the standard GNU C compilers and is available for use by Temple students, faculty and staff.

Obtain Access

To use the Astro Linux server, direct your secure shell software (ssh) client to See the Instructions section for details.


  • Mac Terminal Quick Reference Guide  Provides instructions on how use a secure telnet program called Terminal, which comes with the Mac OS, to access your Astro account.  
  • Install Bitvise SSH Client  Explains how to download and install the free Bitvise SSH Client to access your Astro account from a Windows computer.
  • Linux Quick Reference Guide Explains how to perform basic tasks on Temple's central Linux systems. Topics include creating files and directories, using the nano editor, printing, using online help, and other topics.  
  • Quick List of Linux Commands Shows an alphabetical listing of commonly used Linux commands.  
  • Fetch Quick Reference Guide  Provides instructions on how obtain and use Fetch. This program enables you to transfer files between a Mac and your Astro account.

File Storage

  • Your storage quota limit on the Astro Linux Server is 1GB.
  • For information on how long you can access your files once you graduate and how to download your files, see Keep Your Files When Graduating Temple.


You must:

  • be a current student, faculty or staff member with a valid AccessNet account,
  • have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system (how to switch directories, create/move/delete/rename files), and
  • be able to use ssh software (Mac TerminalFetch, Bitvise SSH Client, PuTTY).


For assistance with using the Astro Linux server, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk by clicking the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page or calling 215-204-8000.