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Canvas Support:
Hours: 24/7
Faculty Hotline: 1-833-330-8387
Faculty Live Chat: Live Chat
Student Hotline: 1-844-683-6439
Student Live Chat: Live Chat

Canvas Overview

Canvas is an online managed-hosted learning management system that can be used to complement both face-to-face and online instruction. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching’s Instructional Technology consultants are available to help you plan and design your Canvas course, add course materials, and work with the management and collaborative tools that Canvas offers. Canvas can be used to:

  • provide students online access to a course syllabus, information about a course, course notes, recorded lectures, and other course materials 
  • assess and track students’ progress with online tests and rubrics, the gradebook and other tools
  • collect, manage and evaluate assignments with Turnitin (plagiarism detection)


Students, faculty and staff can log into Canvas using their assigned AccessNet Username and Password at:


If you need to establish a Courtesy Account for individuals who are not directly affiliated with Temple University but need access to a Canvas course on our system, please log into the TUportal and select Guest Access Request System located under TUAPPLICATIONS to place a request for guest access.  For additional information or questions, please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 215-204-8000.


Faculty FAQs

  • How do I make my course available to students? 
    In the upper right hand corner of your course, click the “unpublished” button and it will become “published” and available to students.
  • Can I add multiple course reference numbers (CRNs) to my Canvas course?
    Course owners may combine multiple CRN's into one course shell via the Course Tools tab in Canvas. 
  • How do I create a Non-Banner Issued Canvas Course?
    Canvas users may submit a request to have a non-Banner issued course shell created via the Course Tools tab in Canvas.
  • Will instructors be able to delete their courses? And will instructors receive a notification for the deleted courses? 
    No, all courses will remain until their retention period. Courses can only be deleted upon request.
  • The professional schools have different semester start dates; will their courses be created for them based on that schedule? 
  • What specifically do I need to do to individually create a course? How long will it take?
    Users can go to the “Course Tools” tab and select the “Request a Shell” tab. Next, you’ll choose the type of course you’d like to create, give it a name and press submit. The shell will be created within minutes. Administrative shells should be used for organizations.

External Tool List

To view an external list of tools that can be used with Canvas, please click here. This list is dynamic and changes as new tools are added (or removed).

Canvas Add-On Request

The Canvas Add-On Request feature has been added to TUhelp and is used specifically to request adding an external application to Canvas, or to turn on/configure a Canvas feature. All issues or questions not related to Add-On Requests should still go through Request Help.