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Computer Lab Access

Temple University offers a variety of student computer labs for working on academic assignments and projects.


Temple University offers a variety of student computer labs for working on academic assignments and projects.  These labs fall under the following categories:

  • General use computer labs, such as the TECH Center, Tuttleman Learning Center, and Ambler Learning Center, are open to all currently enrolled students, as well as to faculty and staff.
  • School and College Labs are open to students taking coursework in the respective school or college.  Many of these labs offer specialized equipment or software for a particular discipline.
  • University Library Computer Resources are open to all currently enrolled students, as well as to faculty and staff, and university-sponsored guests with active AccessNet accounts. Access by the general public is also available. For the spring 2021 semester, the Community Computer Lab will remain closed.

Note: For information about alumni access, see the Alumni Services website.


To enter the TECH Center labs, you must tap your Temple ID at the guard’s station and, if requested, show it to lab staff.  Other labs may ask you to show your Temple ID.

To use a workstation, you will need to log in with your AccessNet username and password and to obtain printouts, you will need to swipe your Temple ID.

Tips for Using the Labs

  • save your work frequently to a network storage resource, such as OneDrive or Google Drive, or to a flash drive.  Local temporary directories are deleted regularly and should not used to save work,
  • log off when you completed your work,
  • follow any additional rules and policies posted in a computer lab.

Note: Before using certain specialized equipment or resources, such as audio/video production equipment, you will need to undergo training.  In addition, some equipment, such as high-end plotters/printers, may require operation by lab staff.  Notices regarding required training and/or restrictions are posted in the lab containing the equipment.


  • Use of lab facilities and resources is for academic purposes only; commercial use of lab resources is strictly prohibited. 
  • Computer labs are study facilities; users must be respectful of others and keep noise and conversation to a minimum.
  • Food is not permitted in general computer labs, however, covered beverages are allowed.
  • Temple University is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, damaged disks, or damage to personal equipment.
  • By logging in to a computer lab workstation, users agree to follow all policies.
  • Labs with specialized resources may post additional rules/policies in the lab.
  • Users who do not follow lab policies and/or disturb other lab users may be asked to leave the facility.


Some printing charges apply, and there may be additional charges for specialized production services.


  • For questions, visit the consultant desk in the lab.
  • Faculty, departments, or others who wish to request that software be installed in labs should contact the respective lab manager regarding appropriate deadlines and requirements for submission.  Proper documentation of software licensing must be provided.  Advanced notification for requests is required.
  • For advanced technical support or additional information about labs, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 215-204-8000 or use the Request Help option on the Information Technology Services home page.