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Computer Lab Printing Management

Departments can be set up to use the Pharos Uniprint print management system.


Uniprint manages student printing in computer labs, public areas, and computer classrooms. When students print, they use their University-allocated print quota and, if their quota is depleted, printing is charged to their Diamond Dollars accounts.

Since students release print jobs at a print station, they can see the job cost and prevent unnecessary printing. Uniprint, therefore, minimizes wasteful printing.


Customers can request this service by clicking the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page. The request will normally be fulfilled within ten business days. Currently, there is no cost to schools, colleges, and departments for this service.


  • Eligibility - Schools, colleges, and departments with printers for student use are entitled to this service.
  • System Requirements - Printers must be on the student network.


Academic and/or administrative units interested in this service are responsible for the following:

  • printers and printer consumables, such as toner and inkjet cartridges
  • two ethernet connections per printer: one for the printer and one for the release station
  • network charges for the printer and release station
  • sufficient power at the printer location
  • furniture for the printer and release station
  • print driver installation on computers


This service is available 24/7, except for server maintenance periods on Saturday morning, between 5 a.m. and 5:15 a.m., and as needed for upgrades and system troubleshooting.


For questions about obtaining this service, send email to or click the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page.

For immediate issues such as reprints or printers in an error state, customers can call the TECH Center Consultant Desk at 215-204-9898.

Refund requests should be:

  • routed through local IT staff/consultants to verify the claim and correct local issues, such as jams and low toner
  • submitted by the IT staff on behalf of the requester through a Remedy ticket or an email to with the following information: 
    - customer identification: name, TUid, and AccessNet username
    - problem information: date, time, and description of issue
    - name of the print job affected

According to the Student Printing in Temple University Computer Labs policy, refunds are not granted for user errors, such as formatting issues or page size. No refunds are given for the customer’s own paper.