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Computer Recycling Center's Donation of Surplus Electronics to Non-Profits / TEMPLE TECH FOR PHILLY

Non-profits and community requests for recycled computers


“Temple Tech for Philly” partners with organizations that help bridge the digital divide by bringing technology to underserved communities. This program donates refurbished computers and electronic equipment to organizations within the Philadelphia area.


Temple TECH for Philly is a campaign based donation initiative to focus assistance with getting technology to targeted groups in our community. Over the year we will announce focus campaigns to target schools, community groups, or non-profit organizations that are in need of computer equipment. You may fill out the request form below but please keep in mind we will mainly keep this information as place holder until our campaign focuses on your targeted group/area. 


  • Any equipment donated by the CRC will be sent with no software other than the original operating system.
  • Priority will be given to groups and organizations in the President's targeted area surrounding Temple University.
  • Demonstrate ability to setup and maintain equipment donated from the University.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive a donation.
  • All donations are based on availability.
  • There are no public sales and there are no donations to individuals.
  • If you have specific questions please contact us.

Contact Us

For more information, contact the Computer Recycling Center (CRC):

Pearson Hall Lobby
1800 North Broad St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19122