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Connecting to Temple's Network

Connect to the internet, request telephone service or learn how to access your office computer from off-campus.

Fall 2019 Residence Hall Move-in:
For instructions on how to get your computer connected to Temple's network in your room, you can review detailed instructions available through the links below or see the TUconnect card quick instructions. 

Also, during the move-in period, Information Technology Services staff will be on-site in various residence hall locations to assist you. For dates, times and locations, refer to the Fall 2019 Move-In Schedule.

Are you a new student? Are you returning with new equipment? See the Wireless in Residence Hall page for instructions.

Did you know that...

- Temple supports more than 2,700 Wireless Access Points across its campuses.

- Temple sees more than 1 million wireless authentications per day.

- Temple supports more than 55,500 Ethernet connections access its campuses.