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Data Classification Grid

Effective Dates and Issuing Authority

Effective Date:   January 30, 2014
Date Last Reviewed:  January 30, 2014
Date Scheduled for Review:  January 30, 2015
Issuing Authority:   Chief Information Security Officer


Classification Description  
Confidential Inappropriate handling could result in severe consequences, such as criminal or civil penalties, identity theft, financial loss, or invasion of privacy.  Access is granted by supervisor/manager and Data Steward approval process based on job needs justification. An annual access audit will be completed and the data must remain within Temple locations, on Temple assets or with contracted vendors that have been approved through the Office of University Counsel and Information Technology Services Office of Information Security. red button icon
Sensitive All data not defined as unrestricted or confidential.  This data may be accessed by anyone employed or working under contract for the University, in the conduct of bona fide University business. Access is granted by supervisor/manager and Data Steward approval process based on job needs justification.  However, because of legal, ethical, or other constraints access restrictions should be applied accordingly. yellow button icon
Unrestricted Information that is publicly available and generally the unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction of that data would result in little or no risk to the University and its affiliates. Examples of unrestricted data include press releases, course information, job descriptions and marketing materials intended for the general public. green button icon



Data Element Classification Additional Notes
Donor Information – Any personal information included with the donation amount Confidential Unless approved otherwise by the donor
Health Information Confidential  
Health Information - Fax Numbers Confidential  
Health Information - Email Address Confidential  
Health Information - Dates relating to the individual Confidential  
Health Information - Medical Record Numbers Confidential  
Health Information - Health Plan Beneficiary Numbers Confidential  
Health Information - Account Numbers Confidential  
Health Information - Certificate/License Numbers Confidential  
Health Information - Device identifiers Confidential  
Health Information - URLs, IP Addresses Confidential  
Health Information - Biometric Identifiers Confidential  
Health Information - Any other unique identifier Confidential  
Health Information - Telephone numbers Confidential  
Health Information - Names Confidential  
Health Information - Geographic information smaller than a state or province Confidential  
Health Information - Student Disability Confidential  
Social Security Number Confidential  
Driver's License Number Confidential  
Passport number Confidential  
Visa number Confidential  
State Identification Card Number Confidential  
Certificate/License number Confidential  
Credit Card number Confidential  
Debit Card Number Confidential  
Bank Account Number or other financial account numbers Confidential In combination w/personally identifiable information, access accounts or password
Student Loan Information Confidential  
Student Loan Information - Account Numbers Confidential  
Student Loan Information - Credit information including Credit Scores Confidential  
Student Judicial and/or Disciplinary records Confidential  
Passwords, passphrases, PIN numbers, security codes, access codes Confidential  
Full Face Photographic Images (For Investigations) Confidential  
Payroll information (e.g. W2, taxes, deductions, etc.) Confidential  
Date of Birth/Age Confidential  
Last 4 digits of Social Security Number in combination with another confidential data element Confidential  
Final Student Grades Confidential  
Library Circulation Records Confidential  
Exams Confidential  
System Logs Confidential  
Donor Information – Names, addresses and other personal information Sensitive No donation amount
Progress Grades, Test Scores Sensitive  
Full Face Photographic Images (For General Use) Sensitive Approval for use must be granted by University Counsel
Gender Sensitive  
Emergency Contact Sensitive  
Home Mailing Address Sensitive  
Home Phone Sensitive  
Ethnicity Sensitive  
Military Status Sensitive  
Veteran Status Sensitive  
Citizenship Sensitive  
Visa status Sensitive  
Country of birth or citizenship Sensitive  
Work Authorization (I-9) Sensitive  
Job action reason (e.g. terminations or leave) Sensitive  
Benefits enrollment info Sensitive  
Marital Status Sensitive  
Compensation Sensitive  
Background Check Verification Sensitive  
Previous work experience Sensitive  
Education and Training Background Sensitive  
Course Class lists Sensitive  
Dates of first and last employment Sensitive  
Salary Grade Sensitive  
AccessNet Username Unrestricted  
PCN Number Unrestricted  
TUid Unrestricted  
Name Unrestricted  
Job Title Unrestricted  
Job Description Unrestricted  
Business Address Unrestricted  
Business Telephone Number Unrestricted  
Faculty/Staff/Administrator Email Address Unrestricted Available via Directory
Press Releases Unrestricted  
Course Information Unrestricted  
Student Email Address Unrestricted  
Affiliation Unrestricted  
Department Unrestricted