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Departmental Hardware Purchasing

In order for you to purchase computer hardware products for university use, you must follow processes put in place in by the Purchasing Department. Purchasing can also advise on the best method to acquire a product and available alternatives.


  • Computer hardware must be for university use only. This service is not available for personal purchase or use.
  • Products are to be ordered via Purchase Requisition through TUmarketplace.
  • View TUmarketplace Help on TUportal.
  • Access the Knowledge Base for information about hardware procurement.
  • Contact Purchasing at 215-204-6700 (1-6700) or


  • Purchaser must be a Temple University employee with access to Banner Security and TUmarketplace.
  • Departments are not permitted to purchase any tablets (i.e. Apple iPads, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface) using their PCard. All tablets must be purchased via the available Punch-out vendors in TUmarketplace.

Obtaining a Quote

  • To obtain price quotes based on your configuration requirements, go to the Information Technology Services homepage and click on the Request Service tab.


Requests for quotes are typically processed within one or two business days; orders received by Purchasing, through TUmarketplace, are typically acknowledged within one business day.

To purchase computer hardware, you have the following options:

  • Submit a Purchase Requisition for items available in TUmarketplace Punch-out Catalogs, for example, Apple, CDWG (Hewlett-Packard computers), Dell, ePlus, and GovConnection (Lenovo computers).
  • Submit a non-catalog request in TUmarketplace for items not included in the Punch-out Catalogs. The requisition will be routed to Purchasing for processing.

Order Fulfillment is normally completed within three to five business days.

  • If Purchasing needs to send out your request for competitive bidding, the order could take seven additional business days to fulfill.

If you submit a request with a document that requires a signature, you will be notified that the relevant documentation must be sent to University Counsel for review. Since the review depends on University Counsel's schedule, additional time may be needed to complete your order.

Procurement Fees

There is no fee associated with customer service; hardware carries two types of fees: Software Fee & Recycle Fee.

Software Fees

In 2004, a Software Advantage Program fee was instituted in order to recover the expense of the Campus Agreement with the Microsoft Corporation and the expense of other software purchased by Information Technology Services for the University Community. A fee will be charged to each new computer purchased by departments to the FOAPAL designated on each Purchase Order. The fees are collected on a monthly basis via Journal Entry Transfer (JET). For fee details, see the Rates page.

Information Technology Services is dedicated to providing the Temple University community with up-to-date technology resources and assuring compliance with all software licensing arrangements. Continuing this commitment, we have negotiated a Campus Agreement with the Microsoft Corporation to provide the latest versions of the most popular software programs for installation on all University Faculty and Staff computers, as well as in our computer labs. This Campus Agreement covers Microsoft Office, Microsoft Operating Systems and Updates, Exchange, SMS and SharePoint Client Access Licenses (CALs). The licenses provided by this agreement represent the majority of Microsoft licenses used each year. Information Technology Services will pay the annual cost of the Campus Agreement.

Other software site licenses included in the fee are: Symantec Antivirus, Fortres, and Red Hat Linux.

Please note that all other Microsoft licenses, such as Windows Server, must be purchased in TUmarketplace via the SHI Punch-out. Departments are responsible for obtaining legal software licenses and maintaining records for software license acquisitions that are not included in the MS Desktop Bundle.

Recycle Fee

The Computer Recycling Center funds its operations by collecting a recycle fee on all computer equipment newly purchased by the university. This Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF) is collected via Journal Entry Transfer (JET) on a monthly basis based on Purchase Orders that been submitted through TUmarketplace.

For details, see the Rates page.