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Email Aliases - Creating and Using

Personalize your email address.


An alias is a nickname used to personalize your email address. Although it appears as a separate email address, messages are sent to your existing email account.

  • Students, faculty and staff an have up to five email aliases. Alums can have two aliases.
  • Unless it was already in use, an alias of was automatically assigned to you when your account was activated (for example,
  • The alias listed as your Display Email Alias appears in the Search Results box in the Cherry & White Directory and will appear as your From address when sending email.

Create an Alias

  1. Go to the Cherry & White Directory, click Update your entry, and then log in.
    Log in to TUportal and click Cherry and White Update on the Home tab under TUapplications. You may then need to click Update your entry.
  2. Type each alias into an Alias box as shown below. Note the following naming requirements:
    - must begin and end with a letter of the alphabet (lowercase or uppercase) or a number,
    - must contain at least three characters,
    - can contain dashes (-) or periods as long as they are not at the beginning or the end of the alias.
  3. To set an alias as your Display Email Alias, click the circle to the left of the desired alias. Your Display Email Alias will appear in the Search Results box in the Cherry & White Directory and will display in your From address when sending email.
  4. After editing the alias information, click Submit. Please note it may take four hours for the alias to be created.

Additional Considerations for TUmail, Canvas and Listserv

  • TUmail
    The changes outlined on this page may take up to four hours to fully sync to TUmail (Outlook).
  • Canvas
    Your primary email address in Canvas is your If you change your Display Email Alias, you should add it to Canvas as a secondary email address. Otherwise, you will not be able to reply directly to messages that Canvas sends to your TUmail account because Canvas will not recognize the sender email address.
  • Listserv Mailing Lists
    When you subscribe to a Listserv mailing list, you are identified by your From address. If you change your Display Email Alias, your From address will also be changed, and you may not be able to post messages to your lists. In order to post messages, you must use the same From address that you had when you subscribed.