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Ensemble Video Usage Policies

Effective Dates and Issuing Authority

Effective Date:                              July 1, 2009

Date Last Reviewed:                   December 4, 2019

Issuing Authority:                        Executive Director of Information Technology Services


Ensemble Video is an Enterprise Media Content Management System used at Temple
University. It enables departments to easily upload and manage media via a “YouTube”
like interface. At Temple University, media that you upload via Ensemble is stored on
Helix, Flash, and Wowza media servers. This document regulates policies for using the
Temple University Ensemble system. Below are some important terms used in this

  • “Content” includes the text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features and other materials you may view, access, or contribute to the application.
  • “Library” refers to an area where content is managed on Ensemble.
  • “Owner” refers to the person responsible for managing a content item.


  • By using Ensemble, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions described in this document and all other computer usage policies at Temple University.
  • You should periodically review the most up-to-date version of this policy. Information Technology Services may, at its sole discretion, modify or revise these policies at any time. You are bound by all modifications or revisions.
  • All other University Policies and Guidelines apply to usage of Ensemble including copyright and computer usage policies.


  • Although Information Technology Services makes every effort to ensure the Ensemble system is stable and reliably up and available, there is no guarantee of Ensemble uptime. Periodically, technical issues will arise that may cause Ensemble to perform sluggishly or to be unavailable.
  • When technical issues arise, Information Technology Services will work as quickly as possible to address them but makes no guarantee on how fast issues will be resolved. Depending on the severity of the issue, downtime could be significant.
  • Periodically, Information Technology Services will take Ensemble offline for maintenance and upgrades.
  • Information Technology Services will post information about routine maintenance and service
    interruptions via the System and Network Status page at:
  • Information Technology Services may, at any time, determine that Ensemble (and/or any associated services) needs to be decommissioned. When this happens, Information Technology Services will send an e-mail notification to your TUmail address at least one month prior to provide you with time to archive any content you may wish to retain.
  • Currently, there are no charges for use of Ensemble for approved projects. Information Technology Services reserves the right to institute charges in the future.


  • Ensemble is designed for use by Temple University departments that need to post videos or other media on the Web. Because Ensemble licensing is limited, use must be approved on a project-by-project basis. To request approval to use Ensemble for a specific project, submit a request by clicking the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page.
  • Faculty, staff, and student workers assigned to approved departmental projects may obtain accounts on the Ensemble system to upload content. Postings by individuals for personal/individual projects are not permitted and will result in loss of account privileges.
  • Unless you obtain prior approval from Information Technology Services, you cannot use Ensemble for commercial purposes including the sale of:
         -access to Ensemble or content on Ensemble, or
         -advertising, sponsorships, or promotions placed on or within Ensemble or content on Ensemble.


  • While Information Technology Services maintains and manages the Ensemble system, the library manager is responsible for managing the content stored on Ensemble.
  • Library managers must have proper licenses, rights, consents, and/or permissions to all content in libraries they manage.
  • Library managers must maintain backup copies of files stored in their libraries on Ensemble. Managers must keep original/archival copies of files on DVD, tape, or other media. Once a file is deleted on the Ensemble system, it is not recoverable. Although Information Technology Services performs regular backups of the Ensemble system, Ensemble does not enable a specific item within a library to be recovered directly from system backups.
  • Confidential content should not uploaded to Ensemble. 
  • Temple University Information Technology Services reserves the right to decide whether Content violates these Terms of Service for reasons other than copyright infringement, such as, but not limited to, pornography, obscenity, or excessive length. Temple University may at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, remove such Content and/or terminate a user’s account for submitting such material in violation of these Terms of Service.


  • To access content on Ensemble, you must use the video playback pages on Ensemble, the Embeddable Player, the web site plugin, or other explicitly authorized means. Other access is prohibited.
  • When using the Embeddable Player on a web site, you may not modify, build upon, or block any portion or functionality of the Embeddable Player.
  • You agree not to circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the application or features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any content or enforce limitations on use of the application or the content therein.

Storage and Retention

  • A department or user can upload unlimited titles (not to exceed 5GB) on the system. To request an increase to this limit, submit a request by clicking the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page. Please be aware that charges may apply for files exceeding the limit.
  • Information Technology Services will store content on the system for two years after the initial upload. After two years, content will be automatically deleted. To request an extension to this limit, submit a request by clicking the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page. Please be aware that charges may apply

Support & Training

  • Support is available to all faculty and staff of Temple University. Support hours are Monday-Friday, 9am – 5PM.
  • Please submit all support questions by clicking the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page or by calling the Help Desk at 215-204-8000
  • Training can be scheduled by making a special request. To do this, click the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page.
  • You can also obtain assistance by visiting the Ensemble support page: