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Google Apps


Google Apps are useful for completing your coursework and collaborating on group projects. Google Apps includes communication and collaboration tools such as Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Groups and more.

Access Google Apps

To access Google Apps, log in to TUportal, go to TUAPPLICATIONS on the left, and click Google Workspace (Google Apps).

Google Drive

Google Drive enables you to create, store and access your files from anywhere. You can change your word processing documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations, on the website, your computer, or on your mobile device. You can share these documents with your classmates and/or colleagues, and work on them together online. Even if you created documents using Microsoft Office, you can store them online in Google Drive. 

Google Maps

Google Maps provides detailed maps of locations around the world. You can also use Google maps to obtain driving, walking and transit directions. 

Google Sites

With Google Sites, you can create feature-rich websites. You can also share ownership of your site to allow others to help build and maintain it.

Google Groups

Google Groups allows you to email everyone in a group with a single email address.