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Access Your Office Computer

Once you establish a VPN connection, you can access the programs and files on your office computer from off campus. The connection makes it appear as if you are actually sitting in front of the computer clicking on programs, opening files, etc. 

Note: These instructions assume you are using Windows 10.

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9 Steps

  1. Prepare your office computer as described above under Prepare Your Office Computer for Access from Off Campus.
  2. Perform the following: a) Right-click the Start button and select Search. b) Type Remote Desktop Connection. c) In the list of results, click Remote Desktop Connection.
  3. In the Computer box, type the name or IP address of your office computer. Then click Connect.
  4. Enter your AccessNet password and click OK.
  5. If you are warned that the identity of the remote computer cannot be verified, click Yes to proceed.
  6. Your office computer now appears in a window on your screen. Click OK to view your Desktop.
  7. If you maximize the Remote Desktop window, a connection bar appears at the top of the screen.
  8. To exit your Remote Desktop session, click the close icon (x) on the window or connection bar.
  9. When prompted that your remote session will be disconnected, click OK.