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GlobalSign SSL Certificate Procedures

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5 Steps

  1. Open to the following web page in a separate window or tab: GlobalSign Certificate Application  
  2. Select a Validity Period for the certificate. This can be from one to five years.  Note: These instructions cover only NEW certificate requests that do not require Subject Alternative Names (SANs).
  3. Select whether to add Subject Alternative Names (SANs). Note that it is unlikely you will need SANs. For more information about SANs, go Then insert the Ceritificate Signing Request (CSR). For assistance with creating a CSR, go to:
  4. Fill in necessary information to finish processing your request: Email Address ** All renewal notices will be sent to the email address entered here ** It is STRONGLY suggested that a GROUP email address be used because renewal notices will be sent here and sometimes individuals are no longer in the same group at renewal time. Cost Center – Full FOAPAL - needs to be the full FOAPAL of the department requesting the certificate. Your request will be REJECTED if the full FOAPAL is not included!
  5. After installing your certificate be sure you also have the latest Intermediate Certificate installed. For more information, go to: (see Intermediate Certs Section)