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5 Steps

  1. Go to When prompted, enter your AccessNet username and password and click Log In.   Note: Beginning on August 20, this page will appear as a similar log in page as Canvas and TUportal. When prompted, enter your AccessNet username and password and click LOGIN. 
  2. The Job List screen appears showing the list of documents ready to be printed. Note that you can view your print quota and Diamond Dollars balance in the lower-left portion of the screen. To proceed, click the Upload icon near the top of the screen.
  3. Navigate to the file you want to print and select Open.
  4. The file you selected will appear on the screen along with the following details (number of pages, number of sheets, submit date, and cost). You can preview how the file will appear by clicking the Print Preview icon. Select the file by clicking the check box on the left.
  5. The file listing becomes becomes highlighted. Customize the settings as needed in the Print options section on the lower-right portion of the screen.  Note that color printing is not available at this time. For additional information, see Using a Print Station.