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Print Your File

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13 Steps

  1. Press the Home button and then open the Box app.
  2. Select the folder where your document is stored.
  3. Select the file you want to print.
  4. When the file opens, tap the Open In icon near the top of the screen. In the Open In dropdown, select Open in.
  5. If necessary, scroll to the right until the Open in Pharos Print icon appears.
  6. Select the Open in Pharos Print icon.
  7. The print window appears showing your available funds and size of the file to be printed.
  8. Two-sided printing is selected by default. To change this to one-sided printing, click the left icon furthest to the left and select the one-sided printing icon.
  9. Note: Color printing is not currently available using Print on the Go, so you skip the next icon.  To print two-pages per sheet, click the third icon from the left and select the icon with the number 2.
  10. To print multiple copies, select the icon on the far right and choose the number of copies. When you are ready to print, tap Apply Changes.
  11. The print request now appears in the My Prints column on the left. The icons, summary information and price correspond to your previous selections. To make any changes, double-tap the print request listing to return to the previous screen. 
  12. To delete the request, slide the listing to the left. Then press Delete.
  13. Once you are ready to print the file, see Print Station Usage.