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JMP Site Licensed Software

The JMP Academic Suite is a statistical software product created by a business unit of SAS called JMP. The suite contains JMP, JMP Pro and SAS Simulation Studio. For those who already use SAS, JMP can directly read and write SAS datasets.


 For those using other programs, JMP reads SPSS and many other formats as well. The software is available for both the Mac and Windows operating system platforms.

The software is provided as an annual license that runs from August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018.

Publisher’s Homepage:

Terms and Conditions

The software is only to be used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research, and/or course work (teaching and research purposes). 

How to Obtain

JMP Software can be downloaded from the Help Desk Download Site - you must have an AccessNet ID to download the software. It can be done on campus or remotely from your home or other location.