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Computer Recycling Center

Computer Recycling Center (CRC) is an award winning operation that gathers surplus computer and electronic equipment from around the university, refurbishes that equipment if possible, redeploys the equipment where appropriate, donates any unwanted usable equipment and, where appropriate, disposes unusable equipment in a secure manner.

CRC Location:

OWLTech Store

Pearson Hall Lobby

1800 North Broad St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19122

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The  CRC has won multiple awards including: The Computerworld Magazine "Honors Laureate," University Business Magazine's "Models of Efficiency," The United States Environmental Protection Agency's "Environmental Achievement Award."

Did you know that the CRC…

- Began its operations in 2003 as a way to divert CRT monitors, labeled as universal waste, from our main trash stream sent to landfills.

- Has recycled over 19,000 lbs of toner cartridges and over 700 lbs of inkjet since 2007.

- Has processed over 9,500 orders for refurbished equipment since 2004.

- Processes over 90 tons of equipment each year.