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Listserv Quick Reference Guide for List Subscribers

The page provides list subscribers with instructions for using Temple's Listserv discussion groups.


Listserv is a collection of electronic discussion groups which are online forums where people discuss particular topics by receiving and posting messages using e-mail or the web. In addition, Listserv is a convenient resource for sending announcements to a group by using a single e-mail address to reference the group.

Electronic discussion groups are also called "distribution lists" or "lists." To subscribe to a list, you must know the name of the list. This guide provides instructions for using the web to participate in discussion groups hosted on

To participate in a list, you must first subscribe to the list and then create a password to send messages to the list. Since messages that you send to a list may be read by many people, consider the following:

  • Do not abuse or insult anyone or knowingly make false statements.
  • Send messages that you want others to read and that pertain to a list topic.
  • Keep your messages brief.
  • Include a subject in each message to enable readers to easily identify the topic.

It is important to comply with the Targeted E-mail Announcements via Listserv Lists section of the University-Wide Electronic Communication Guidelines.

NEW: The Listserv system at Temple was recently upgraded to 16.0. This new upgrade includes a redesigned interface as well as enhanced security features.

Subscribing to a List

To subscribe to a list, you must send a request to subscribe to the list and then confirm your request. Note that some Listserv lists can be very prolific and fill your account with mail. As an alternative, you can do one of the following:

  • subscribe to a list in digest format
  • select Mail delivery disabled temporarily under the Miscellaneous option and read the posts in the archives.