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Mobile Phones for Business Use

Eligible members of the university community can obtain a variety of cellular services. 


Verizon Wireless is the exclusive provider of cellular service for the university. The Office of Telecommunications assists eligible members of the university community with the following cellular service and equipment requests:

  • Requesting new service and equipment
  • Transferring current service and equipment to Verizon Wireless
  • Upgrading or replacing equipment
  • Modifying rate plan
  • Purchasing cellular accessories
  • Selecting optional services and features, such as text messaging
  • Modifying account information
  • Deactivating or suspending service
  • Processing Insurance Claims for mobile devices 

Requesting Instructions

Complete the Mobile Service Portal-University Owned form. Please note that you must have a Calero Profile to complete this form. If you do not have a Calero Profile, first complete the Telcomm Services form to request a profile and include your TUid and cellular number FOAPAL.

Orders are fulfilled within five business days after the order is received. If you need assistance, call 4-HELP or 215-204-4419 during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Usage Instructions

Instructions for activating and using the cell phone are provided with the device.


All authorized employees of Temple University can request a cellular phone through Telecommunications. For eligibility requirements, contact your supervisor.

Requests for new service or modifications to existing service require the following:

  • Approval from the requester's budget unit head or business manager
  • FOAPAL or Cost Center number of the department


The Office of Telecommunications provides an insurance plan for University-owned smart phones that is cheaper than the normal Verizon Wireless insurance plan.

Plan Details

  • The plan is identical to the Verizon Wireless plan but is substantially lower in cost.
  • The plan provides coverage against lost, theft, physical damage and water damage. Coverage does not include mechanical or electrical defects. In the case of mechanical or electrical defect, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty or purchase a replacement device from the vendor. (Note that coverage does not include Apple iPads or other tablet devices.)
  • If you claim a replacement phone, the program will provide you with the same or a comparable device similar to the original phone. The replacement device could be new or re-manufactured.
  • Under the program, phone replacements are backed by a 90 day warranty.
  • The plan does not cover accessories.
  • The monthly charge and deductible appear on the Rates page. The monthly charge appears on the cost center report under account code 7423.

If you have any questions about the new program, please contact Robert Watson in the Office of Telecommunications at 1-1922.


See the Rates page.