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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Temple University's Information Technology Services Department is participating in this important initiative to raise awareness about best practices for staying safe online. Stay tuned all month long for events and giveaways and follow our security tips on Twitter and Facebook

Information Security Booth Events

Check back soon to see when and where you can meet our Information Security team and learn more about cyber safety at our 2019 Information Security Booth events. 

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Paper Shred Event (Shred Day)

2019 Paper Shred Event FAQs

Please continue to check back to find out when and where our next Paper Shred Event will be held. 

  • How much paper can I bring to the paper shred event?
    You can bring up to 30 lbs of paper to shred, in general, we limit this weight per person during the first hour of the event. 
  • Who can I call or speak to if I have other questions about this Shred Day?
    Please contact Information Security and Privacy at for any questions about the event. 
  • What about other campus locations?
    Please contact for additional information for other campuses. ProShred Paper Shred Bins are located at various campuses as well as building locations and can be used to responsibly and safely discard paper for secure pickup and shredding by ProShred. 
  • How much shredded material does the ProShred truck hold?
    One of the ProShred mobile destruction trucks averages 10,000 pounds capacity. This allows ProShred to shred approximately 350 standard size copy boxes full of paper, or 35, 96 gallon bins worth of paper. 
  • What happens with the material that is shredded on the ProShred truck? ​​​​​​
    All the material is taken to a factory in Paoli and pulped, dried and stored in bales for use in other recycled material such as tissue paper. 

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