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Network Connectivity for Business Associates

Effective Date / Issuing Authority

Effective Date: December 2011
Date Last Reviewed: December 6, 2019
Issuing Authority: Office of Information Technology Services

Scope of Procedure and Rationale

The purpose of this procedure/guideline is to delineate network services offered to businesses on Temple University campuses. This applies to all businesses conducting business on a Temple University campus requiring access to the Temple University Network, the Internet, or their businesses’ corporate network.


Temple University provides network services to conduct University business and provide students/faculty and staff with the ability to access Temple University resources and external resources for the purpose of providing a quality education. It is Information Technology Services’ policy to provide network access only to Temple University departments, schools and colleges. When a non-Temple business requires network connectivity, it will be approved only when that business is conducting a service on behalf of Temple University. Temple defines “conducting a service on behalf of Temple University” as any business that has a contract with the University whereby a department, school or college acquires network connectivity from Information Technology Services on behalf of the business to conduct a service for the University. Charges for network connectivity will be billed to the sponsoring department, school or college and should be considered when negotiating contracts with the business.

Information Technology Services does not provide network connectivity to those businesses on campus that are operating independently. For those businesses that are operating independently and are located in a building that an outside network provider cannot provide direct network services, Information Technology Services will provide, if possible, the wiring needed for an outside provider to provide network services. If the wiring does not currently exist, charges for installation will occur.

Examples of businesses conducting a service on behalf of the University include, but are not limited to, food services, book stores, and event/ticket services. Examples of businesses operating independently include, but are not limited to, convenience stores, mail/postage stores, hair/nail salons, etc.