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OneDrive - Getting Started

OneDrive is Microsoft's online backup and syncing service providing you with 1 TB​ of storage in the cloud.


OneDrive is Microsoft's service for hosting files in the "cloud" that's available for the Temple University community with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is available for Temple students, faculty and staff for download on TUportal. Once you log in to the portal, look on the left for Microsoft Download.

OneDrive enables you to store and sync files, and then access them from compatible mobile devices and via the web. 

Please note: You can save public, sensitive or confidential information on OneDrive but not HIPAA PHI (Protected Health Information). If you’re unsure of where to store different types of files, please consult the Storage Comparison Chart.

You can access your OneDrive files either on the web or by using the OneDrive App for your computer or mobile device.

Using OneDrive on the Web

To access your OneDrive on the web, go to and click OneDrive. (If you do not see OneDrive listed, click All apps.) The website enables you to: 

  • Access your files from anywhere from the web 
  • Start using OneDrive right away because no setup is required 
  • Manually upload and download files from your computer 
  • Automatically save to OneDrive when you’re using Microsoft 365 online (Word, Excel, etc.) 

You can watch our new Using OneDrive on the Web video.

Using the OneDrive App for Windows or Mac

The OneDrive app enables you to:

  • Sync your files between your computer and the cloud.
    If you add, delete or update a file using the app, the changes are updated on OneDrive on the web and vice versa. If you are working offline, the changes will sync up when you go back online.
  • Access your files easily by clicking the OneDrive icon (OneDrive icon) on your computer or by using the Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. 

Setting Up the OneDrive App
Get started using the OnDrive App by performing the quick setup process below: 

  1. Determine your version of Windows or MacOS
  2. If your computer is running Windows 10 version 1709 or later, or macOS Mojave or later, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, first see OneDrive App Setup for Unsupported Operating Systems before performing the setup process. 
  3. Perform a quick setup process for Windows or Mac
    IMPORTANT! When prompted for your email address make sure to enter your (for example, Then, if prompted, click the Work or School button.
    Set up OneDrive screen with email address prompt

You can also watch our new Using the OneDrive App for Windows or Mac video.

Using OneDrive for Mobile

To access your files on the go, see the instructions for using the OneDrive Mobile app.

How to Use OneDrive Features


  • What if I already have a personal OneDrive Account?
    If you have a personal (consumer) account, you can continue using it. It will be separate from your Temple account. On the desktop software, you will have separate folders for each account that will be distinguished by the folder names (Temple account / Personal account name). You will need to log in to the mobile applications and Office Online from the account that you wish to access files from / save files to. 
  • How long does my Microsoft 365 subscription last?
    Your Microsoft 365 subscription through Temple ends one year after you graduate. 
  • Where can I find additional help?
    See the additional OneDrive help from Microsoft. Also, check out the Learning OneDrive video on LinkedIn Learning.

Need Help?

If you have questions about using OneDrive, please contact the Help Desk through the TUhelp website or by calling 215-204-8000.