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OWLbox is a storage option to store, share and collaborate on files.
Note that Temple will be discontinuing OWLbox as a file storage option on June 30, 2021. Please use Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive in place of OWLbox.


OWLbox, powered by, is Temple's convenient resource for storing, sharing and collaborating on files. Instead of storing your files on flash drives and DVDs, store them centrally on OWLbox.

On the OWLbox site, students, faculty, and staff can easily upload files to take advantage of up to 100GB of storage space. Files can then be accessed online from the site from anywhere, including mobile devices.

With OWLbox, you can also:

  • Share a Whole Folder of Files
    Create a new folder, upload files, then turn it into a workspace by inviting others to edit and collaborate.
  • Post Comments and Assign Tasks
    Leave comments and feedback in one place.
  • Receive Real-Time Updates
    Receive notifications whenever someone has viewed, edited or commented on your file.

Access OWLbox

To access OWLbox, go to You can also log in to TUportal and click on OWLbox on the left.

There is also a mobile version of Box to access OWLbox. For more information, see the Mobile Apps section.

Important Note: Be sure to follow three steps to completely log out when you've finished using OWLbox to protect your information.

Getting Started

Uploading Files or Folders

To upload a file or folder, log in to OWLbox, click Upload on the right and then select File or Folder. Follow the prompts to select the file or folder you wish to upload and then click Open. Your files will be uploaded. 

You can also create a folder to organize your files by clicking New, on the right, selecting Folder, and then typing in a folder name. To upload files to the folder, click the folder name to open it before you select Upload

Editing Documents

To edit documents, open the file in OWLbox that you wish to edit. Then, toward the top right corner, click Open .. and select how you wish to edit the file from the drop-down box. Your choices include the following:

  • If you select the Microsoft <product name, such as Word> Online option, which includes most features available in Office products, your changes are automatically saved in the OWLbox file as you work.
  • If you select the Microsoft <product name, such as Word> option, you will prompted to install an app so OWLbox can use the office product stored on your computer. However, once you install the app, make sure to Save your changes as you work along. Your changes will be saved to the file stored on OWLbox.
  • if you wish to work on the file directly on your computer, select Download. Any changes you make and save will be saved to your computer and not to the file in OWLbox. When you've finished with your changes, you can always upload the file again to OWLbox. 

Additional Resources

To learn more about OWLbox, see:

  • the Box Overview video for a review of what OWLbox offers and how it works*
  • the Box User Guide for a quick review of using basic features*
  • the Search Topics page for information on specific tasks*

*Note that to access Temple's Box resource, you will go to

Things to Know

  • You can invite others to share a folder only if they have logged into OWLbox at least once.
  • Files are uploaded into folders so you have to create a folder first before transferring files.
  • You can only share folders, not individual files.   
  • Students get to keep their 100GB of free storage when they graduate! 

Box Notes

Box Notes allows is a document creation tool built into OWLbox that allows you to brainstorm, take notes and work with a group in real-time. You can also use Box Notes for personal notes and lists.

You can access, contribute and collaborate from your computer, tablet or smartphone with the applications without downloading any additional software.

Here’s how to get started:

Note: If you are sharing a Box Note, you must create it in the folder that is being shared with other collaborators. You can create a Box Note for personal use without placing it in a folder, but you will not be able to share it with anyone unless you move it to a shared folder. 

Keeping Your Files When You Graduate

Prior to the one year anniversary of your graduation, make sure to keep your AccessNet account open. One year after your graduation, your OWLbox account and files will be automatically migrated to a personal account. When the migration takes place, will notify you by email and request that you change your password. Follow the instructions to continue using your account. Although your account will no longer be affiliated with Temple, your existing files (and 100GB of free storage) will still be available to you. See below for details: