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OWLbox Migration Hub

OWLbox file storage was discontinued on June 30, 2021.


OWLbox file storage was retired from service on June 30, 2021. Prior to this date, your OWLbox files were either migrated to Microsoft OneDrive or to a personal account.

► Faculty, staff and current students (except for graduating seniors)
Your OWLbox files were migrated to Micrsosoft OneDrive. OneDrive is a widely-used resource that comes with Microsoft 365 and offers a number of benefits. To familiarize yourself with OneDrive, visit the ITS OneDrive webpage.

► Graduating seniors and alums
Your OWLbox files wiere migrated to a personal account. See Access Your OWLbox files in below for details.

    Access Your Files in Microsoft OneDrive

    To access your OWLbox files after the migration, go to and click OneDrive. The files will appear under My files in an OWLbox folder. 

    ► Externally Shared Files
    Files that you share with people outside of temple will no longer be available to them once your files are migrated to OneDrive. To re-establish access, you can set up sharing within OneDrive. For more information, see the Microsoft Share OneDrive files and folders page or watch our Sharing Files in OneDrive video.

    Files Shared with You
    Files you share with others will appear in the OneDrive My files folder, but not files that others have shared with you. To view these files, click Shared on the left navigation pane and make sure Shared with you is selected the top of the page.

    To view a shared folder in your My Files folder:
    1) Select the folder.
    2) Click Add shortcut to My files at the top of the page.

    Note: If you use the OneDrive app on your computer, shared folders will not appear unless you sync them from OneDrive on the web. See the OneDrive Getting Started page for details on syncing files.


    I use OWLbox only to access files others have shared with me. How will I access these files once OWLbox is retired from service?

    We are only migrating OWLbox accounts that have files stored in them. If you use OWLbox only to access files that others have shared with you, you will be able to access them in OneDrive. Click Shared on the left navigation pane and select Shared with you at the top of the page. Also, see "Syncing with the OneDrive App" above.

    Access Your OWLbox Files in

    ► Alums, Emeriti, Retirees
    Your files will be migrated to a personal account on June 28, 2021. When the migration takes place, will notify you by email and request that you create a password. Follow the instructions to continue using your account. Although your account will no longer be affiliated with Temple, your existing files will still be available to you. See below for details:


    If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Help Desk through the website or at 215-204-8000.

    We appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy the benefits of using this new file storage resource.