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Personal Websites ( is a website hosting system used at Temple University.


Temple University personal website hosting is available at  (Sites) for faculty, students, and staff to create a website or blog at no cost using the WordPress platform.  Sites provides a simple solution for members of the Temple community who want to build a web site for personal and professional use.  Each site has a "" web address and comes with easy-to-use tools and templates to ensure that users won’t have to build a site from scratch.  Sites can be used to:

  • Present creative works
  • Publicize an event
  • Create an e-portfolio  
  • Create an interactive survey form


Sites is available at  You must have an AccessNet username and password to log in.

Get Started

Quick start guides and web themes (templates) are available at Also click the Help link at the top for instructions on performing specific tasks.

Learn More

To learn more about polices and details for using Sites, please visit the Guidelines page. This page has information such as:

  • General Policies
  • Backups and Retention
  • Restrictions on the collection of personal information and funds
  • Storage
  • Privacy

For more comprehensive training, see the LinkedInLearning Wordpress 5 Essential Training.

Note: This service is not for creating a college, school, department or administrative unit’s main website. For this type of purpose, please contact Web Communications.


For assistance with, please submit a TUhelp request or contact the Help Desk at 215-204-8000.