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Support for Proctorio
Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT)
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TU Help Desk
To request Proctorio for your class:
Submit a help ticket: and include the name of the faculty, course name and course ID (number)

24/7 online chat is available by clicking on the shield icon icon within Proctorio
Phone: 866.948.9087
Email: to submit a ticket


Proctorio is an automated remote proctoring service integrated into Temple’s Canvas LMS.  This tool provides identity verification, test monitoring, and other features to promote academic integrity while delivering assessments online. Webinars are being offered by Proctorio to provide instructors with an introduction of how to use Proctorio and to familiarize users with remote proctoring. 

Start Using Proctorio

To Start Using Proctorio:


  1. Submit a help desk ticket including the course name and course number. Proctorio will be added to your course within 24 hours of the help desk ticket being submitted. During COVID-19 between now and August 15, 2020, the university is centrally funding Proctorio.
  2. Once notified that Proctorio has been added to your Canvas Course:
    • Open Google Chrome and then enter your Canvas course for which you are using Proctorio
    • Click Secure Exam Proctor link on the left side menu
  3. Once Proctorio is installed in your course and you have installed the Google Chrome extension, check the configuration settings to determine what you want to use.
  4. You must submit a help desk ticket to re-request Proctorio for each new semester. 

Students will need:

  1. A high-speed internet connection.
  2. Google Chrome as the only supported browser.
  3. Students will be prompted to install a required Chrome Proctorio browser extension. (Note: This extension is installed within the Chrome browser, not installed on a student’s PC or laptop. If a student does not have the plugin installed in Chrome, they will receive instructions for installation.)
  4. A web camera, microphone, and Temple ID.

Support Resources & Training

Faculty Support and Training

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) offers webinars for faculty. Click here for more information.

  • Proctorio Support
    • 24/7 online chat is available by clicking on the  within Proctorio.
    • Phone: 866.948.9087
    • Email: to submit a ticket

Student Support and Training

  • Proctorio FAQ for Students
  • Direct students to Proctorio's Support for Test-Takers web page for an overview of the student experience.
  • Instructors are encouraged to create a “test” quiz first in Canvas for students to initially setup and test Proctorio before their first official exam. Instructors can make the practice test count for “0” points.

Sample Instructions for Students

Sample Questions for Quiz on Using Proctorio


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can use Proctorio?

Faculty should check with their department chair before requesting to use Proctorio. While teaching online, there are many alternative methods for administering online exams. If Proctorio is chosen as the preferred automated testing method, tests/quizzes must be created first in Canvas.

Upon department chair approval, please submit a help desk ticket with the name of the faculty, course name and course ID. Proctorio will be added to a Canvas course within 24 hours of the help desk ticket being submitted.

What is the cost associated with Proctorio?
The University will cover the cost of Proctorio for use through August 15, 2021. 

Are students required to have a webcam and microphone to use Proctorio?

Not necessarily. It is up to the instructor to require this in the settings they choose when setting up Proctorio. Please note, however, that if an instructor checks the web camera setting for video recording for a single test, all students in the course taking that particular exam through Proctorio will need a web camera.

Is there addition faculty training for Proctorio?

Yes, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching provides faculty training. Click here for more information.

When I used Proctorio, it asks some students for an access code which I could not give them because it was hidden.

If students have setup the Proctorio extension correctly and meet all of the prerequisites an instructor requires in the Proctorio Quiz settings, this encrypted access code will automatically log them into their exam. The code is designed to be encrypted and hidden to all users.

How can I create a practice quiz? I attempted to create a practice quiz to give the students practice with Proctorio. However, when I went to create it, I was given a notification that Proctorio couldn't be used with practice tests that did not count toward a grade.  Is that true, and if so, how do I create a practice test that doesn't count toward a grade?

You weight your grade in the Canvas assessment as you would for any assessment regardless of proctoring. For example, you could create a "graded" quiz worth 0 points.

Can students review answers after they have submitted their exam for future study?

You can set that option in the Canvas assessment. Click here for more information.

Can students use two monitors?  Most individuals now have two monitors set up and it is inconvenient to have to disconnect one?

You can allow students to use two monitors if you don’t select "Only 1 Screen", in the Proctorio settings. Be aware Proctorio can only watch the screen the browser is running on, so a student could have a second screen set up with notes available in another browser window.

What about open book exams or exams with electronic documents?

Open book exams are not a good candidate for online proctoring. Ultimately, the instructor would need to review a lot of Proctorio notifications of suspected cheating, and it would be very difficult to differentiate legitimate use of an open book from actual cheating.

If I do not choose to record a proctored exam, will Proctorio still record the other students who do have working webcams?

No, if you do not select "Record Video" when setting up your Proctorio exam, no exams will be recorded using video. 

How do students reconnect with an exam if they require reentry?

If a student has connectivity issues, the instructor will be required to allow them an additional attempt through the “moderate this quiz” button on the top left-hand side.

I have students who will probably have to take an exam on their cell phone. Can they use Proctorio with Canvas on a cell phone?

No. Proctorio requires a desktop or laptop computer running Windows, MacOS, Linux, or ChromeOS. Tablets, phones, and other devices cannot be used with Proctorio.

Does student signature verification require special hardware?

No, students can use a mouse for signature verification.

How do I review Proctorio results?

Select the name of the quiz in Canvas you would like to review and click on "View Proctorio Gradebook" in the right corner of the page. A list of the students that took the test will be displayed, as well as suspicion levels. Click on the “eye” icon to view a student's results.

If I used Proctorio in my course last semester, can I just copy it over to my course for the current semester?

No. Proctorio must be requested for each new semester/course shell.