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Recycle Cell Phones / Printer Cartridges / Toners

Recycle your cell phones, printer cartridge and toners


  • The Computer Recycling Center Recycling aggregates new and used cell phones, toner and ink cartridges from around Temple University.  The goal is to divert this material from landfill and extend the University’s sustainability mission.


There are two options to recycle your cell phones/ toner/ink cartridges: 

  • Drop off material to the CRC: Pearson Hall 152  General hours are M-F 8:30am-430pm.
  • Include this material in your Computer and Electronic Surplus Pickup Request, please mention how many of each in the notes of the order.


  • Please make sure all toner and ink is secure and not leaking.
  • Once delivered to the CRC there are no returns.
  • There is not cost for this service.
  • If you have specific questions please contact us