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Remote Proxy

Use this website to access your Windows office computer from off-campus


Use these instructions to connect to your Windows office computer from off-campus. You can use either another Windows computer or a Mac to connect. To connect to a Mac in your office from Off Campus, see the Remote Access website for instructions.

Try TUportal First

Before you set up this remote proxy service, log into TUportal and see if the application you need to access is listed under TUapplications. We have just expanded the number of resources there, so you may be able to access what you need directly through the portal.

Note that you may see a Microsoft login screen when you first access some applications. If so, log in with your AccessNet username and password.

Set Up Two Step Verification

If you have not already signed up for the university’s Two-Step Verification process you will need to do so to access the remote access website. If you plan to access this website from off campus, make sure to register your cell phone or a landline phone at that location for Two Step Verification.

Obtain Your Office IP Address

You will need your office computer IP address to connect to it. Use this self-service link to see the IP addresses of the computers you have used recently. This link, as well has the latest campus updates, is also available on the TUportal COVID-19 tab and under Working Off Campus /  Connect to your office computer.

On campus?
You will need to know the IP address of your office computer when you are ready to connect to it. To obtain the IP address, go to and make note of the number next to IP Address.

Need help? Contact the Help Desk.

Remote Proxy Website for HIPAA Networks: Connect to your Windows Office Computer

Follow the same instructions as listed above under "Instructions to Connect to Your Windows Office Computer." In step 1, however, instead of going to, go instead to


Q: My mouse has stopped working. What should I do?

A: If your mouse cursor disappears or freezes at any point during your Remote Proxy session, log off and then log back in to resolve this. ITS is looking into this issue.

Can't Connect?

If you can't connect, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.