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Sender Policy Framework

In an effort to reduce the large volume of spoofing and phishing attacks, Information Technology Services has implemented Sender Policy Framework (SPF).


Information Technology Services has implemented an Anti-Spam technology called Sender Policy Framework (SPF). This process impacts all email sent on behalf of an address. The process allows Temple to specify which fully qualified domain names (FQDN) and IP addresses are authorized to send email using an email address in the From field. If an FQDN or IP address is not registered, the email will be dropped.

Required Action 
You need to comply with SPF if you are responsible for sending email from an using:

  • an outside vendor
  • a third-party system or
  • an internal application other than Exchange, Gmail, Listserv or Xerox Printers

Register a Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP Address

To comply with SPF:

  1. Determine which systems send email on behalf of an address. Keep in mind that this also includes emails sent by automatic processes such as confirmation messages and renewal notifications.
  2. Find out the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of the system that sends the email. If you are working with a vendor, you will need to ask the vendor for this information.
  3. Complete the Sender Policy Framework request form.

The information that you register will be reviewed by the Office of Information Security for approval. If approved, you will be notified and the FQDN or IP address will be added to the SPF record. 

Tips on filling out the registration form:

- You can add any comments in the Description field or just type Sender Policy Framework.

- Please be aware that Primary and Secondary contacts are required on the form because they will be notified by email when it is time to renew the information.

- If you manage the application and it is hosted on campus, you will need to provide the FQDN or IP address of the server that distributes the mail for your application, as in these examples:

  • (FQDN)
  • (IP address)

- If the application is hosted by a vendor, your vendor may provide information. Below are examples. Please include it in the Sender Policy Framework form:

  • "v=spf1 ip4: a mx ~all"
  • "v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: -all"
  • "v=spf1 mx/24 -all"

Important Notes:

  • If an FQDN or IP address changes, you must update the registration information.
  • All approved requests will need to be re-certified on an annual basis. You will receive an email prior to expiration so you can request an additional year. 
  • If you or your vendor plan to add a new system or application to send "" email, please notify Information Technology Services four weeks prior to implementation so that there is ample time to investigate security concerns, add the information and validate their proper functionality prior to any email being sent. 


If you have any questions, contact the Help Desk through the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page or call  215-204-8000.