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SPSS Site Licensed Software

SPSS is a modular, tightly integrated, full-featured product line for the analytical process -planning, data collection, data access and management, analysis, reporting and deployment.



Each license provides the Windows user with the SPSS Base, Advanced, Regression and Trends modules.  For MAC users the license provides SPSS Base, Advanced, and Regression modules.

The SPSS license is a one-year subscription license for the period beginning January 1st and ending December 31st each year.

Publisher’s Homepage:

How to Order

SPSS licenses, installation discs and pricing can be found in the Computer Business Services Showcased Supplier catalog in TUmarketplace.

There will be three types of software products:

  • License Only - this option gives end users the option to obtain a license without the software disc.
  • Media Only - this option gives end users the ability to obtain only the software disc without a license. This is ideal for those who are ordering multiple licenses but only require one disc to install the software program.
  • Bundle - this option gives end users the ability to purchase both the license and media at the same time. This is ideal for end users who are ordering the same amount of licenses as they are software discs.

Software Site License Agreements are required when purchasing licenses via TUmarketplace. The agreements can be found in the forms section of TUportal. Please attach your signed agreement to your purchase requisition as an internal note or email them to Failure to submit the agreements will delay the complete processing of your order, including the distribution of your license keys and media.

Upgrade Options

Licensed users of SPSS are entitled to all upgrades, updates, and downgrades during the current subscription period. Media for future releases will need to be purchased.

Technical Support

If you require assistance with your SPSS product, please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk by calling 215-204-8000 (1-8000) or click the Request Help tab on the Information Technology Services home page.