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Storage Comparison Chart

Temple University offers a number of storage options. See the chart below to compare and contrast features and to learn what kinds of data should be stored on each.

File Storage Options

Storage Type Google Drive One Drive TUcloud Network Drives
Data Classification
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Public, Sensitive &
(Except HIPAA PHI)
Public, Sensitive & Confidential
Best for...
  • Collaborating using Google Docs
  • People using Chromebooks
  • Collaborating using Microsoft Office products
  • Backing up Microsoft Office files
  • Files shared internally
  • Any size files
  • Group access


Eligibility and Cost Free - Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni Free - Students, Faculty, Staff and First Year Alumni
  • Faculty and Staff Only
  • This is a Central IT-supported option. Please consult with your school/college/departmental IT support team through TUhelp for storage options available for your area.
  • See Price per GB
Maximum Storage Space per User /
Maximum File Size

Unlimited  / 5 TB
  • 1 TB / 15 GB (Default)
  • Additional space for faculty research upon request through TUhelp
  • Disk space available upon request through TUhelp
  • Can grow disk space on demand
Collaborate with users 
Inside or Outside of Temple
  • Inside or Outside of Temple using Google Docs
  • Can share Files or Folders
  • In, Get shareable link
  • Inside or Outside of Temple using Microsoft Office Products
  • Can share Files or Folders
  • Select file/folder, select share and send link
  • Inside of Temple Only
  • P: Home
  • Shared S: drive - Sensitive & Unrestricted 
  • Encrypted Shared N: drive – Confidential
    Requires Symantec encryption software
  • Deleted files cannot be retrieved
  • Version history is provided
  • Deleted files cannot be retrieved
  • Version history is provided
Daily, retained 14 days (Included in price)
Access from...  Anywhere using Desktop Drive Mapping
Desktop sync tool Yes
Google Drive


1. Log in to with your AccessNet username ( and password. 
2. Click the One Drive icon.
3. Click Sync at the top.

Appear as mapped drives
Downloadable Mobile apps Yes Yes No
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