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Student Printing in Temple University Computer Labs

Effective Dates and Issuing Authority

Effective Date:  August 1, 2006

Date Last Reviewed:  January 9, 2020

Issuing Authority:  Information Technology Services

Scope of Procedure and Rationale

All currently-enrolled Temple University students paying the University Services Fee receive a free printing quota. This quota may be used for standard laser printing (8.5" x 11", 8.5” x1 4”, and 11” x 17” black and white), color laser printing, and inkjet printing only. There is a charge for plotters and some specialty printing. The amount of your quota depends on the amount of University Services Fee paid (based on credit hours) for the semester in which you are enrolled. 

General Printing Policies and Guidelines for Students

  • You have one quota shared by all labs. If you print in multiple labs, all printing is drawn off the same quota total.
  • Your printing quota is intended for your personal, academic use only.
  • You may not use your quota to print another person’s work or sell your unused quota.
  • You may not use your printing quota for commercial purposes.
  • You may not use your printing quota to purchase other Diamond Dollar items.
  • There is no cash value to your printing quota, other than for printing.
  • Your printing quota is intended to be used throughout the six-month Quota Period. It is a good practice to conserve your printing so you will be able to print your work towards the end of the semester. This is particularly important when your coursework requires significant printing for final reports or projects.
  • If you exhaust your quota, your Diamond Dollars account will be automatically charged for any printing.
  • Double-sided (duplex) printing is the default for black and white printers in the Information Technology Services labs. This way, you can print two document pages on one sheet of your paper quota. You may select single-sided printing as an option.
  • The free printing quota is limited to black and white laser printing, color laser printing, and inkjet printing. 
  • There is a Diamond Dollars charge for all specialized printing, including poster printing and 3D printing. You cannot use your free printing credits for specialized printing.
  • At the end of the printing period, any remaining free quota is deleted.
  • At the beginning of the next semester, a fresh quota of free sheets will be reinstated. Quotas are deleted the next business day after the Quota Period ends (December 31 or August 3).
  • Your printing quota is managed through the OWLcard system, separate from your Diamond Dollars funds. To view your available quota, login to Diamond Dollars through TUportal, or the website, or check at a PC Printing release station.
  • Please preview your job before printing to avoid unwanted blank sheets or other errors. You will be charged for these sheets and there are no refunds. If you use the plotter or color printer, review your document and settings carefully. You will be charged for the print regardless of any such errors. You may only use your own inkjet-approved paper in the Inkjet printers. No refunds will be given for your own paper. You will be asked for documentation showing that your paper is inkjet approved.
  • A refund may be issued only for problems due to defective equipment, such as paper jams or missing ink/toner. Refunds consist of replacement sheets only. 
  • Only paper supplied by the computer lab may be used in the printers, with the exception of the inkjet printers. Students may use their own inkjet-compatible paper for inkjet printing, provided that they bring the original box to show the type of paper (e.g. inkjet compatible glossy, matte, plain, etc).
  • Visitors/ Persons enrolled only in special programs/Alumni who need to print in libraries or computer labs, must use a Guest-Cash Printing Card. These cards are available at the service desks in the libraries and applicable computer labs. Cards are normally distributed with $0 value on them, and the user must add cash to the cards. To deposit cash to their Printing Card:
    - Visit for credit card deposit instructions
    - Go to the TECH Center at 12th and Montgomery and deposit cash ($1 to $20 bills) using the self-service Value Transfer Machine located next to the 2nd floor consulting desk.

Quota Amounts

Students (including faculty/staff enrolled in classes) receive quotas based on the number of credit hours they are taking and the corresponding University Services Fee.

  • 9 or more credit hours - 300 sheets
  • 5 to 8 credit hours - 216 sheets
  • 1 to 4 credit hours - 103 sheets
  • A “sheet” consists of a single piece of paper, regardless of whether you have printed on one side or both sides. Because of this, students can make the most of their quotas by selecting double-sided (duplex) printing. That way, you can print two document pages on one sheet of paper.
  • If a student drops or adds classes, the quota will be automatically adjusted to the appropriate level.
  • Alumni are not eligible for print quota.  Alumni may pay for printing by using a “Guest-Cash Printing Card.” Also, recent alumni may pay for printing using their Diamond Dollars account, if their Diamond Dollars account is still active.
  • At the beginning of Summer Session 1, the quota will be reset for students enrolled for Summer Session 1 courses based on the number of credit hours of classes being taken.
  • At the beginning of Summer Session 2, the quota will be reset for students enrolled for Summer Session 2 courses based on the number of credit hours of classes being taken.
  • The maximum quota that is permitted in an account at any given time is 300 sheets, regardless of the number of credits taken.

Payment for Color/Specialty Printing

The free quota applies only to standard-sized black-and-white printing, standard-sized color laser printing and inkjet printing. There is a charge for all specialty printing, such as plotter printing. See the Rates page for prices. These prices are subject to change (not responsible for typographical errors); check for posted prices at your printing location.

Note: The free quota does not apply to specialized printing. Color laser, inkjet, and plotter printing are not available in all locations. Specialty printing prices listed above are for printing at the TECH Center only. Specialty printing prices may vary at some locations, depending on printer type and paper used. Check the specialty printing prices posted at individual locations.

How to Print

In order to print, you will need your Temple University OWLcard. Printing instructions may vary slightly at some locations, but the following are general guidelines for printing:

  1.  Do your work as needed on the computer. When you are ready to print, issue a print command from your program menu. (In labs with multiple printers, you may select the printer type in the dialogue box).
  2. If the workstation did not require you to type in your AccessNet username and password when you logged into the computer, you will be asked to enter your username at this time. If prompted to do so, type in your AccessNet username. (You will not need to enter a password).
  3. Go to the lab’s laser printer and swipe tap your OWLcard  at the reader setup for the PC Printing release station. If a swipe card reader is available, you could alternatively swipe your OWLcard You will see a list of all of your current print jobs that are waiting to be printed.
  4. Select the job that you want to print, then select the print button. The job will then print out at the printer.
  5. Your Diamond Dollars and/or Print Quota balance will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  6. Press the “Exit” button to exit the terminal.

Visitors who use a “Guest-Cash Printing Card” follow a similar procedure. The Printing ID that is printed on their Guest Card is entered in place of the AccessNet username.