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Learn About Your Students with Class List


Friday, January 20, 2012

Take a short cut to memorizing your students’ names and faces by using the Class List feature in TUportal. The Class List allows you to view the names and photos of the students registered in your class, along with detailed academic information.
There are two ways to access the Class List feature:

  • For a detailed or summary look, log in to TUportal and click on the Teaching Tools tab. In the Self Service Banner for Faculty section, click on Detail or Summary Class List. Then, select the term and the class.
    The Detail Class List provides comprehensive information about the students enrolled in your course including UG/Grad, Program, Admitted Term, College of Study, Campus of Record, Major and Department of Major, Class (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc..) and the number of credits the class is worth to the student.
    The Summary Class List provides you with a fast glance of the students registered in your class.
  • For a quick look, you can also log in to TUportal and, under TUapplications on the left, click on Class Lists. Then, select the term and the class.