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Need to Have a Document Reviewed? Assign it in OWLbox.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If you need a document reviewed by a deadline, try using the OWLbox Assign Task feature:

  1. Log in to, click New, select New Folder and give the folder a name.
  2. When the new folder appears, click Share next to the folder name.
  3. Enter the names or email addresses of the colleagues who need to complete the task and then click Invite Collaborators. Note, these colleagues must have logged into OWLbox at least once to appear in the drop-down list of names.
  4. Next, click your new folder to open it and then drag the document you wish to have reviewed onto the OWLbox screen to upload it.
  5. Once your file is uploaded, click Assign Task and type your task description in the box. (In the future, when assigning a task to any file, you will need to first click the callout icon [ ] next to Share.)
  6. Enter the names of the colleagues who will complete the task and select the Due Date
  7. Finally, click Add. The colleagues assigned will receive an email notification that you have assigned the task as well as and reminders about the due date.
  8. To check the status of the task, click the callout icon at the top left next to the Temple logo and click the Sent tab.

You can add additional files to the folder and repeat this process to assign more tasks or just to share documents and make comments.