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Protect Against Zoom Bombing Part 2


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Zoom offers a number of ways to protect against Zoom bombing. In addition to the waiting room option, you can set up your meetings so that only participants with an address and AccessNet login can join. This authentication method is highly recommended when you want only Temple participants to join your meeting.

To enable the authentication option for your next meeting:

  1. Log in to and click Meetings on the left.
  2. Next click Schedule a New Meeting
  3. Fill in your meeting details and, towards the bottom of the screen under Security, check Require authentication to join.
    ​​​Screenshot of Zoom Meeting Options where "Require authentication to join" is checked off.

Now when participants join, they will first be prompted for their email address and password and then their AccessNet username and password. If they are already logged in to another Temple resource, they are already authenticated and will just be directed to the meeting.

For another security method, see Tech Bits: Protect Against Zoom Bombing Part 1.

Last updated: August 17, 2021