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Tech Bit Tip: Easily convert text to a table in Word (Faculty & Staff)


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Ever get halfway done writing a report then realize that the information in one paragraph would look better in a table format? Tables are great to help organize those confusing thoughts/processes and make them clear for your audience to understand. Luckily, a feature in Microsoft Word allows you to easily convert text to a table or switch table to text. 

Convert Text to a Table 

  1. Highlight the text you want to convert to a table. 
  2. Click Insert, then Table and then Convert Text to Table
  3. Select the options for your table and then click OK
  4. You can then resize the table by clicking on the table edges. 

Don't like the changes from converting the text to a table? Easily convert the table back into text. 

Convert Table to Text

  1. Click inside the table you want to convert to text. 
  2. Click Layout under the Table Tools tab in the blue ribbon. 
  3. On the left where the Table group is, click Select then Select Table
  4. On the right where the Data group is, click Convert to Text
  5. Select the options for how you would like the text, then click OK