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Tech Bits: Consider Your Colleagues by Sharing Work Files (Faculty & Staff)


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OWLbox is a helpful resource for centrally managing work files. But what happens if you are out of the office for an extended period of time or permanently leave Temple? For business continuity, it's a good idea to ensure your important work files can be accessed by a supervisor or colleague. Failure to take measures in advance of these types of situations can result in lost access to files or even worse, permanent loss of shared files.

Assigning Ownership in OWLbox
When you are the owner of a folder in OWLbox, you can assign the role of Owner or Co-owner to a supervisor or colleague so they can fully manage important documents while you are out.

If you leave Temple, however, and your account is closed or transferred to a standard account, the role of Co-owner reverts back to Editor. It's important then for you to change the role of Co-owner to Owner so file access will be available after you leave. To learn how to change the owner of a folder, see the new/original interface instructions. 

You can also learn about the permissions for each access level for the new/original interface.

To learn what types of data should be stored in OWLbox and other file storage options, see the Storage and Cloud Computing Approved Usage policy.