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Tech Bits: Create Quick Surveys with Google Forms


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Need feedback on a presentation? Trying to figure out the best meeting time? Want to know who can attend your event? Try creating a Google form to send to your participants and gather information. Responses are automatically collected in Google Drive. 

Before you begin, note that you can't have multiple Gmail accounts open when using Forms. 

To get started: 

  • If you use Temple Gmail, log in to your Gmail account and click Drive
  • If you use Exchange, log in to TUportal, go to TUapplications on the left, click Google Apps, and then click Drive

Next, for all users: 

  1. Click New in the left corner and then hover your cursor over More, then finally click Google Forms
  2. Click Untitled form and enter a title for your form. 
  3. Click Form Description and type a brief description of the purpose behind the survey. 
  4. Next, fill in your first survey item where it says "Untitled Question" and then select your question type (i.e. Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Short Answer) from the drop-down box next to it. For multiple choice questions, click any option 1 text to overwrite it and press enter to add additional choices. 
  5. Click the plus sign  icon to continue adding questions. 
  6. To change the color of your survey, click on the color palette  icon at the top right. 
  7. After typing your questions, click on the eye shaped  icon in the top right corner to preview what your survey will look like. 
  8. When you're satisfied, click Send on the upper right. 
  9. Click on the link  icon to obtain a link that you can copy and paste in an email to send to participants or include on a webpage. 

    Note that if you would like to require users that are filling out your survey to log-in to access it, click on the gear Google Forms Setting Iconicon in the top right to access form settings and make sure the checkboxes next to Restrict to users in Temple University and its trusted organizations and Limit to 1 response is checked. Click Save

    If you don't want your survey to require a log-in to access it, in form settings, make sure that the checkboxes next to Collect email addresses, Restrict to users in Temple University and its trusted organizations and Limit to 1 response are unchecked. Click Save

  10. To see the results, locate the form in Google Drive, open it and click Responses tab from the menu across the top of your form. Your responses will be displayed in a visual format or you can click the Google sheets icon in the upper right to see the responses in a spreadsheet. 

    To ensure that the users filling out your survey can't see the responses of others, click on the gear Google Form Icon icon in the top right to access form settings and make sure the checkbox next to See summary charts and text responses is unchecked. Click Save

Note that you should not use Google Forms to collect confidential information. Also, some institutions prevent access to Google Apps on their network. This means that some participants may not be able to complete your survey. 

For more details, see the Google support page on creating a survey.