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Tech Bits: Create Quick Surveys with Microsoft Forms (Students)


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Trying to figure out the best time to meet virtually for a group project? Wondering who’s interested in attending your club’s event? Want to get feedback on a proposed topic? Try using Microsoft Forms to quickly create a questionnaire and gather this information.

Creating a Form

  1. Go to and log in with your AccessNet and password. Note that the first time you log in, you may have to first enter your email address and then select work or school account.
  2. Click the App launcher Microsoft Forms App Launcher Icon  on the upper-left portion of the screen and click Forms.
  3. If a welcome screen appears, click Create a new form. Otherwise, click the dropdown arrow next to + New Quiz, then click New Form.
  4. Click Untitled form and enter a title and optional description for your survey.
  5. For each question you want to add to your form:
    1. Click Add new. Then select the type of question from the list (multiple choice, text, rating or date) or click the down arrow for more choices, such as ranking or Likert.
    2. Fill in the information for the question you selected. To make a question mandatory, click the button next to Required. You can also click the icons on the upper-right to copy, delete and move a question up or down:
      Microsoft Forms Question Options
  6. To change the appearance of the form, click Theme on the upper-right and make a selection.
  7. To view and test the form, click Preview. You can also click the Mobile option on the upper-right to see how the form appears on mobile devices. To go back, click Computer or Back towards the top.

Sending Out the Form

  1. When you are ready to send out the form, click Share.
  2. To restrict responses to only people at Temple, select Only people in my organization can respond or Specific people in my organization can respond. By default, this option will also capture the responder's name and email address. If you prefer to have the responders remain anonymous, click the three horizontal dots (...) on the upper-right and select Settings. Then under Who can fill out this form, uncheck the box next to Record name. Note that there are other useful settings you can select as well, such as the ability to specify a specific start/end time.
    If you want to share the form with people outside of Temple, click Anyone can respond. In this case, the responders will remain anonymous.
  3. Click the link icon Microsoft Forms Copy Link Icon then Copy to paste the survey link in an email message, Facebook page, webpage, etc.

Viewing the Responses

  1. To view the responses to your form, go back into Microsoft Forms and click on your form. Then click the Responses tab. A summary of the results for each question then appears.
  2. You can then perform the following:
  • To view the individual responses for a question, click More Details.
  • To view the responses for each participant, click View Results.
  • To view the responses in a spreadsheet, click Open in Excel.
  • To delete the responses, click the three horizontal dots (...) and select Delete all responses.

Learn More
Note that you should not use Microsoft Forms to collect sensitive or confidential information. Want to learn more? See a short video and other information on the Microsoft Forms support page.