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Tech Bits: Explore Three Options for Storing Your Files (Students)


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Working on an assignment at the TECH Center and about to head to class? Upload it using one of Temple's file storage options and work on it again later using your laptop or tablet in the library. You can do this using these storage options: 

  • OWLbox offers 100 GB of free storage space. So go ahead and upload your files, and large photos and videos for that multimedia project you're working on! For quick instructions, see Getting Started
  • Google Drive is perfect for creating files easily since it is included with your TUmail/Gmail account. And with unlimited file storage space, you can store all the Google Docs and Slides you'll create for projects that lie ahead this semester. 
  • Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store and share any files you create with Office 365 applications. If you use OneNote to take notes or Excel to create your personal budget, you will want to take advantage of the 1TB of free storage space.