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Tech Bits: Get a Head Start with Box Notes Templates (Faculty & Staff)


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Need to create a meeting agenda on the fly? Meeting going so well, you want to dive right into writing a project plan? To get started, try using a Box Notes template:

  1. Log in to OWLbox and select a folder where your file will be stored.

  2. Click the New button on the on the upper-right portion of the screen and select Box Note from Template.

  3. Select a template, such as Meeting Agenda or Project Plan and click Create.

    The meeting agenda creates an outline with topics, such as attendees, agenda points, notes and action items. The project plan includes topics, such as scope, stakeholders, resources and budget, and risks.

  4. Want to collaborate? Click the Share button on the upper-right to invite your colleagues to edit your document.

Print Your File
To print your file, click the three dots (•••) on the upper portion of the screen and select Print. To hide the default header/footer information, click More settings in the Print window and uncheck Headers and Footers.

Learn More
To learn more about Box Notes, see the short promotional video or detailed instructions.