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Tech Bits: Helpful Phone Tips For Writing Email


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The next time you're writing an email to a colleague or friend with your smartphone, try using these helpful tips: 

  • Need to type a non-English character or symbol? See what's available on your phone by holding down certain keys, such as the letter c and n, or the question mark to access hidden keys. 
  • Need to write your email in a hurry? Skip tapping the period key after each sentence and double-tap the space bar instead. 
  • Need to type a word or phrase that's in all caps? Double tap the shift key (up arrow at the left side of the screen) to turn on caps lock. Tap it again to shut it off. 
  • Writing an email while holding a cup of cold brew in one hand? Enable a one-handed keyboard to help write your message with ease: 

    While typing in the message box, hold down the emoji key, and glide your finger towards the bottom right keyboard icon (to enable the right-handed keyboard) or to the bottom left keyboard icon (to enable the left-handed keyboard). To disable the one-handed keyboard, tap the arrow that appears next to the keyboard. 

    Android (Gboard in Gmail app) 
    In the Gmail app, before typing anything into the body of the message, hold down the blue-teal back arrow icon in the bottom right of the Gboard keyboard, then tap the one-handed keyboard icon appearing to the left. 

    If these instructions don't work on your phone, search for one-handed keyboard and the model of your phone for alternative instructions.