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Tech Bits: Protect Against Zoom Bombing Part 1


Thursday, April 2, 2020

When you're hosting a Zoom meeting, the last thing you want is to have an uninvited person crash it and cause disruption. This has been happening more frequently now and it's known as as Zoom bombing.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent this or handle uninvited guests. Here are two tips:

Enable Waiting Room

You can control who comes into your meeting by enabling the waiting room feature. To enable this feature for all meetings:*

  1. Log in to and click Sign In.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Meeting tab, locate the Security section, then Waiting Room.
  4. Next to Waiting Room, click the toggle to the right so it turns blue to enable it.
  5. Under Waiting Room Options, it should say that "Everyone will go in the waiting room." This means that all of the meeting participants will first enter the waiting room and you can see the participants waiting to join the meeting and determine if they should be admitted. 
    If you would like to edit which attendees should enter the waiting room, click Edit Options
  6. You can also edit the waiting room screen title, logo and description that participants will see when waiting by clicking Customize Waiting Room.
  7. Once enabled, participants who are waiting will not enter the meeting until you admit them. To do so, start your meeting and click Participants from the Zoom meeting control options. You will see a list of waiting participants on the right. Now you can Admit or Remove individuals, or click Admit all, shown at the top of the list.

* Note that you can also turn on the waiting room feature just for individual meetings. Just look for Waiting Room in the Security section on the screen where you fill in the details for scheduling a meeting. 

Remove Uninvited Guests

To remove an uninvited guest:

  1. While in your video meeting, the Zoom screen will display Gallery View or Speaker View, as indicated towards the top right. If you see Gallery View, click to display Gallery View.
  2. Hover over the video or name of the person on the Zoom screen that you wish to remove.
  3. In the blue box that appears, click the three dots and then select Remove. Once removed, the person will not be able to come back into the meeting.
  4. If you wish to get back to Speaker View, click Speaker View.

Watch the Video

Zoom has provided a very helpful short video showing how to set these features, as well as other options to protect your meetings. To watch, see Zoom 101: Securing your Meetings & Virtual Classrooms.

For another security method, see Tech Bits: Protect Against Zoom Bombing Part 2.

Instructions Last Updated: August 3, 2020