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Tech Bits: Quick Tip to Cleanly Paste Text into an Online Form (Faculty & Staff)


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Are you getting ready to update your PDP? Or, perhaps you are submitting an online grant application or some other type of online form? If you plan to copy the text from Word or another program, you may find that the formatting gets messed up. 

To avoid this problem, use a quick keyboard shortcut to paste only the plain text:

  • Chrome/Firefox: Paste the copied text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V (PC) or Cmd+Shift+V (Mac). 
  • Safari (Mac): Paste the copied text by pressing Cmd+Option+Shift+V. (Alternatively, click the Edit menu and select Paste and Match Style.) 

Note that the plain text version will remove standard formatting, like bold, underline and hyperlinks, but will retain standard bullets. 

This keyboard shortcut also works great when pasting text into a TUmail message or Google Doc