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Tech Bits: Search Your Email More Efficiently (Faculty & Staff)


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

When our email accounts flood with messages, we often have to dig through our inboxes to find the message we’re looking for.

You can save time by entering certain phrases, known as “operators,” into the search bar box. These operators help you locate a specific email you’d like to retrieve.

Frequently used operators are listed below.

● subject: - Searches words in the subject of the email.

Ex: “subject:school” searches for emails with “school” in the subject line.

● from: - Searches the sender’s name and sender’s email.

Ex: “from:russell” searches for emails from senders with the name “russell.”

● to: - Searches names and addresses of those you have sent emails to. Note: You must be in Sent mail folder for this operator to work properly.

Ex: “to:russell” searches for emails sent to receivers with the name “russell.”

● has:attachment (Gmail) or hasattachment:yes (Outlook/Outlook Web App) - searches emails and displays messages that have attachments.

● is:unread (Gmail) or read:no (Outlook/Outlook Web App) - searches emails and displays messages that are unread or read.

For additional operators to help you find a particular email, see the Gmail and Outlook support pages.