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Tech Bits: Tips for Keeping Track of Your OWLbox Files (Faculty & Staff)


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

If you use OWLbox to store and share files, below are a few handy tips to help keep track of them. 

  1. Ever go into OWLbox and can't find the file you were working on? Under All Files in the left panel, click Recents to see the files you worked on last. 
  2. Do you have your files organized in folders? View the folder tree showing all folders and the files in them by going to All Files, at the top, and clicking the down arrow. 
  3. Prefer to see your files and folders in little modules instead of a list? Switch from List View to Grid View by clicking the four greyed-out small squares icon, above the file list, towards the top on the right.  You can even control the size of the modules by clicking the plus or minus sign or moving the ball left and right. Grid View is especially helpful for photographs because more fit on one screen.

    To change back to List View, click the three horizontal lines icon.