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Tech Bits: Two Apps to Help You Get Organized: Part 1 - Visualize Your Small and Large Tasks


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Looking for a better way to get yourself organized with the new semester starting? Want to successfully keep track of all your upcoming projects, tasks and meetings? Consider using one, or both, of these apps to help you get organized.

Microsoft Planner
Are you a big picture type of person who likes to lay out all the components of a large project or visually manage multiple projects? Consider using Microsoft Planner to help you create a dashboard to see all of your projects components and statuses in one place. To get started:

  1. Open up Microsoft Planner by going to and logging in with your AccessNet and password. Note that the first time you login, you may have to first enter your AccessNet username email address and then select work or school account before you login.
  2. Click the App launcher Microsoft Office 365 App Launcher Icon on the upper-left portion of the screen and click Planner.
  3. Click New Plan in the top left, type in a name for your plan, decide if you would like to make your plan Private or Public, then click Create plan.

In your newly created plan, you can begin adding tasks that are part of your project, by clicking + Add task under To do.

Looking to add new status categories to help you keep track of a task’s progress (i.e. Doing, Stuck, Completed)?

  1. Click Add new bucket next to To do and type in a status category you would like to create.
  2. To move your tasks from each category, just drag and drop them into the correct bucket.

Google Keep
Do you like to keep sticky notes on your desk to keep track of short tasks? Start the semester off with a clean desk area and use Google Keep instead.

To access Google Keep:

  1. Log in to TUportal and under TUapplications on the left, click Google Apps, Drive, and then click the Google Apps grid icon  on the upper-right portion of the screen. Finally, scroll down and then click the lightbulb Keep icon .

    You can also go directly to If prompted to Choose an account, select Use another account. Then enter your and click Next.

  2. To add a new note, click the take a note... box. You can enter title and/or description text or click the Add Image icon to attach a graphic. More options are available under the three dots.
  3. When done, click Close to post your note.

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Instructions Last Updated: September 27, 2021